Welcome to Allstars Rocklin and Roseville Driving School providing safe and effective behind the wheel driving lessons in the Rocklin and Roseville, California area.

Two of the most populated towns in the greater Sacramento area are Roseville, and Rocklin. These largely suburban areas have their own unique challenges in regards to driving safely and being defensive.

No matter the time of day, driving in these areas means you will encounter traffic and that means WATCH OUT FOR THE OTHER GUY!

Our patented 1, 2, 3 punch insures each student develops in a timely manner for the minimum 6 months they hold their permit, namely:

  1. First lesson the student must master steering, braking and lane changes.
  2. Second lesson student must master entering and exiting on the freeway, as well as rural driving and in town heavy traffic.
  3. Third lesson is a review of all previous lessons as well as placing an emphasis on the DMV driving test including mock tests.

We teach defensive methods at Allstars Driving School mainly because we want to bring up a generation of safe drivers who can search, identify, predict, decide, and execute behind the wheel driving maneuvers.

With our dedicated instructors along with new Honda Civics we give our students every opportunity to be a positive force on the road.

Whether driving in a suburban environment, rural, downtown Roseville, Rocklin, or Loomis join the Allstars team to learn proper driving techniques and be a good example to drivers everywhere.

FREE Online Drivers Education with the purchase of the required 6 hrs. behind the wheel.

Allstars Driving School proudly offers Teen Drivers Ed Online as a California statewide program. We are a proud Allstars Driving School teen driving online drivers ed driving school affiliate. Allstars Driving School is licensed and registered with the California Dept. of Motor Vehicles license #4434.

In some California counties (current Placer, Sacramento, and parts of El Dorado and Yolo counties), we offer additional training for behind-the-wheel assistance. If you live in one of these areas, sign up now and receive our course absolutely FREE with the purchase of the required six hours of behind the wheel training!