SACRAMENTO AREA Behind the Wheel Training Provided by Allstars Driving School. Lic #E4434

We believe that behind the wheel driving instruction is so important to build a strong foundation that hopefully will help our students make the right decisions their entire driving life.

Allstars offers six hours in three 2 hour lessons. What we find most successful is spacing the lessons over the six months they are required to hold their permit.

The first lesson covers steering (primary control) braking (secondary control) and lane changing. Those three things must be covered in the first lesson, depending on the students ability, we may progress to more advanced techniques.

The second lesson covers merging. We will work on entering and exiting freeways as well as lane changes. During the second lesson we also cover rural driving . During this lesson merging is stressed.

The third lesson we recap all the basics as well as working on the driving test itself in order to prepare the student for the DMV driving test. We will give them a mock DMV test so that they know exactly what is required on the DMV drive test.

Whether driving in downtown Sacramento or in Elk Grove or Citrus Heights, Allstars wants to prepare Sacramento new drivers for the challenges of the road.

FREE Online Drivers Education with the purchase of the required 6 hrs. behind the wheel.

Allstars Driving School proudly offersTeen Drivers Ed Online as a California statewide program. We are a proud Allstars Driving School teen driving online drivers ed driving school affiliate. Allstars Driving School is licensed and registered with the California Dept. of Motor Vehicles license #4434.

In some California counties (current Placer, Sacramento, and parts of El Dorado and Yolo counties), we offer additional training for behind-the-wheel assistance. If you live in one of these areas, sign up now and receive our course absolutely FREE with the purchase of the required six hours of behind the wheel training!